What’s new in Media4Display version 5

Telelogos releases Media4Display version 5

A major ergonomic improvement: New slide creation module for more effective creativity

Media4Display Digital Signage Software

A major ergonomic improvement: New slide creation module for more effective creativity

Media4Display digital signage software is constantly evolving. For its fifth version, we have revamped Media4Display’s slide module, making it easier to create dynamic content while adding new features.

Appearance and disappearance effects, timeline, a new improved WYSIWYG text zone editor with more customization, rotation effects… users can now design and create with more possibilities and precision

Media4Display Digital Signage Software Android

Slides now compatible with Android players

Media4Display version 5 now offers the possibility to broadcast multi-zone slides on Android players (external or SoC).

New widgets – Room Booking & Smart building

Coupled with your messaging system or Meeting4Display room booking solution, Media4Display V5 can now display real-time room occupancy status, the list of upcoming scheduled meetings and the floor plan of your rooms showing their current availability status.


Media4Display Digital Signage Room Booking Software Room Status Meeting4Display    Media4display Digital Signage Room Booking Floor Plan Meeting4Display


A Mobile Administration app

Monitor and administrate your screen network from your mobile is now possible thanks to the web app developped by Telelogos. Via the app, administrors will be able to have an overview of their screen networks, and launching actions : Synchronize, restart the player (software), reboot player, and Deactivate/Activate the player…

Media4Display Digital Signage Mobile App

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