Product promotion with digital signage !

Create promotional operations through Media4Display technology, a digital signage solution that connects in real time to your data bases to display dynamic promotions based on stock levels.

How to sell stock dynamically?

By relying on Media4Display, the digital signage software, which connects in real time with any data base containing stock information, and dynamically extracting the information to launch multimedia promotions. Indeed, Media4Display manages all types of data sources (CSV , XML, text, databases ...), it can control all types of digital displays systems (screens, kiosks, cash registers, dual screen POS...) via any network type (xDSL, 3G and GPRS, WIFI, LAN ...) and interfaces with existing information systems and business applications.

How does it work?

Media4Display through its API (Application Programming Interface), exchanges and interacts with the headquarters and / or point of sale information system. The software connects to installed applications (e.g. inventory management software) to retrieve data in real time (e.g. quantity, price) and displays that information instantly, the price embedded in the message on screen being automatically updated thanks to Media4Display.
It is also possible to stop a promotion of a product, if its stock is exhausted. For example, in the case of a promotion, special offer products can disappear in few hours, so it is necessary to have a function that can stop the broadcasting of this promotion automatically when stock levels are depleted.