Media4Display has improved the Department’s communication with its visitors

Media4Display affichage dynamique conseil départemental maine et loireThe Department of Maine et Loire is a public institution serving the territory and inhabitants of Maine-et-Loire. It makes decisions relevant to day-to-day life and decides on major plans for the future of the department. The Department Council observed that its users were unaware of most of the services provided by the Department. In the case of users presenting themselves in a service, the Council considered that his knowledge of services was limited to the specific one he came to seek information on. In order to improve the quality of the reception of users, the Department has also created a service dedicated to user relations.
With more than 200 sites welcoming the public throughout the department, the Council has redesigned the communication with users and decided to deploy a digital signage solution on the screens of its most visited sites.
After studying the solutions available on the market, the Council selected Media4Display, which fulfills the following criteria:
  • Have a simple management interface and with a targeting function
  • Give the possibility to do local content management to allow the broadcast of specific targeted information

Benefits for the pour le Departement of Maine et Loire

Telelogos Media4Display affichage dynamique conseil départemental maine et loireDeployed on about fifteen sites, Media4Display provides the Department Council with:
  • Fast broadcast of information and multimedia content in every public place: practical information on the site, present the missions and services offered within structure, promotion of other services offered by the Department Council, news and events...
  • The decrease of printed communication in public places
  • Actualization/homogenization of communication material

 «The Media4Display solution meets our expectations and its administration interface allows us to consider other uses that were not originally imagined. Using the system is relatively simple. The solution allows us to properly broadcast our information, images, videos, audio... and designing these requires time in order to offer quality content on a quality support »
Christian Lecomte - Chief Information Officer -  Department of Maine et Loire