Locate your screens using Media4Display version 3.6

Player mapping, management of PowerPoints and security are key to the new Media4Display version 3.6

La version 3.6 du logiciel d'affichage dynamique Media4Display disponibleLocate your screens using Media4Display version 3.6

With version 3.6, Media4Display digital signage software includes the ability to locate screens so that you can view the location of all client screens on a map (chain of stores, agencies, etc.). By clicking on the icon that represents the screen, you can view the status of the player, the last screen shot (taken during each communication with the player) and the display type associated. This solution, which combines graphic visualization with geolocation, makes for easier management and tracking of your fleet of remote digital signage screens.

Security is central to the new version of Media4Display

Media4Display version 3.6 offers SSO (Single Sign-On) Authentication based on the CAS (Central Authentication Service) protocol. A user with several SSO apps only needs to connect to one app in order to be automatically connected to all the others. Media4Display still provides its own authentication system which has been enhanced in version 3.6. It now has the ability to set up a password policy in order to offer more security and flexibility when managing connections to the Media4Display console.


New option for integrating PowerPoint contents

Media4Display 3.6 contains a new feature to convert PowerPoint slides into a series of images without going through an external add-on. You can now create contents in PowerPoint and broadcast them on your screens with Media4Display (without having a PowerPoint client on your players). Making PowzerPoint broadcasting possible on Windows and Android players.


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