How a funeral home offers personalized content

Spanish integrator Adalides recently deployed the Telelogos solution Media4Display for funeral group EMSFCM.

How a funeral home offers personalized content

Spanish integrator Adalides recently deployed a digital signage project for funeral group EMSFCM. The network is powered by Media4Display, and offers families a way to pay tribute to their loved ones by broadcasting information on screens installed in the funeral home’s different rooms.
With its new network, the funeral home gives families the option of broadcasting personal content, whether its condolence messages left by close family and friends on the funeral home’s website, or sharing memories by broadcasting images and videos of loves ones.
The screens also allow the funeral home to share important information more easily: burial or cremation date and time for each person, as well as the ceremony’s location and itinerary thanks to a unique QR code.

Communicating with families:

In addition to the news and weather forecast, the group broadcasts information concerning relevant additional services offered (florist, legal assistance…), making it easier to communicate with families.

An all-in one digital signage, data and device management solution

Media4Display automatically retrieves all information on burial or cremation, as well as sensitive data required to personalize the digital content from a secure third party in-house application in real time. The digital signage solution provides the required data security and management features to manage such a project.

"We chose digital signage solution Media4Display for this important project as it is the most powerful solution that currently exists in the market. I am convinced that we would not have been able to deploy the project successfully with any other ISV provider.

 The high level of automation required by the project: using data extraction from multiple databases, the number of variables conditioning the content that appears on each screen at the right moment, the proactive alert model …it was clear from the beginning that a great amount of work would be required to meet the client’s needs, which the solution allowed us to do. It goes without saying that the entire Telelogos team has always been available to help during and after the project’s deployment."

Alberto Manzano, Sales Manager - Adalides

Discover the project in video :