France Télévisions digitizes its internal communication with Media4display

France Télévisions selected Telelogos Media4display solution for the first digital signage network deployment on its different sites in Paris.

France Télévisions digitizes its internal communication with Media4display
Established in 2000, France Télévisions is the leading French TV broadcasting group: every day, nearly 4 out of 10 French people watch its channels.


Before the implementation of the Media4Display solution, internal communication on the different France Télévisions sites in Paris was realized via printed content on notice boards. Time consuming, limited and restrictive, the notice boards didn’t meet the needs of internal communication anymore. The TV broadcasting group wished to have a centralized point of creation and diffusion for the information displayed to its staff, in order to:

  • Display of the same content on all sites with the ability to integrate specific content for each site.

  • Strengthening its communication through digital, innovative, and development axes...


Following an RFP to which thirty companies responded, France Télévisions selected the tandem Telelogos/actimac. The completeness of the solution, ergonomics of Media4Display and creation and formatting of content by actimac are the three main points that attracted France Télévisions. Today, the broadcasting group has a digital signage network driven by Media4Display and can communicate more effectively with the 4500 employees across the different France Télévisions sites. Les 17 points de diffusion répartis entre les différents sites de France Télévisions permettent de communiquer plus efficacement auprès des 4500 collaborateurs que comptent ses sites en Ile-de-France."Media4Display is an easy to use solution. It doesn’t require any specific installation on the users PC. Its Web interface is very user-friendly and can handle all types of multimedia content including images, videos, Powerpoint, ... Moreover, Media4Display allows to delegate parts of the displayed content to local contributors (with the possibility to prioritize contributors)."

Frédérique SAYAGH, Internal Communication Manager, France Télévisions