Digital Signage: Mercedes-Benz in China

Installation of interactive touch-screen kiosks in all Mercedes-Benz dealerships in China, piloted by Media4Display digital signage software.

Digital interactive display "The Smart 4S digital signage project" Project managed by Terra Nova - TELELOGOS’s Partner

Installation of interactive touch-screen kiosks in dealerships piloted by Media4Display

Mercedes-Benz enjoys global success for its brand of luxury automobiles. In China, Hong Kong and Macao, Mercedes-Benz has exclusive distribution rights for all products of the Mercedes Group (including Smart).
Mercedes-Benz wishes to provide its Smart dealers that have a sales surface of more than 1000m 2, with some new energy, through a new type of interactive multimedia application.


A dynamic and interactive experience

The main requirement is to create a dynamic interactive experience in the Mercedes-Benz 4S shops and dealerships (4S is the maintenance service that covers presales, sales, ongoing sales and after sales). In a departure from traditional "display and view" promotional techniques, Mercedes has selected tactile, interactive kiosks that allow the consumer to better understand the construction, configuration and price of smart vehicles.


Each 4S shop or dealership is equipped with iStands (touchscreen multimedia terminals) that include a Media4Display client. The Mercedes-Benz China headquarters has a Media4Display server that distributes the multimedia content to all of these player locations. The headquarters can check distribution of the content at any time, and replace the information on promotional banners depending on regional sales. Media4Display is combined with a Flash application that allows the client to use an interactive touchscreen concept in order to view the various characteristics of the Smart in a uniquely user-friendly way.


The multimedia content is distributed directly from the headquarters using the Media4Display technologies, such as online compression, packetized transfer and differential synchronization in order to deploy the data easily and rapidly.
The IT department can check the distribution of all content, monitor hardware and software and optimize the maintenance system. Media4Display ensures the remote players are always working correctly, around the clock.


« The smart 4S digital signage project is the first real implementation of an application with an interactive user interface in the automotive industry. It improves the consumers’ experience to a degree which is line with the brand positioning and the client segment. The fact that we receive praise from the client when we visit 4S shops is definitely the best proof of the project’s success »

Sun Lei - Integration Project Manager