DOOH - Digital Out Of Home

Digital Out Of Home


DOOH Digital Out Of Home

The DOOH allows you to broadcast advertising campaigns from various advertisers on screen networks. Media4Display allows you to fully manage your DOOH campaigns. With Media4Display it is also possible to combine DOOH and Digital Signage: part of the time the screen is reserved to the owner of the screens for his own communication and the rest of the time it is possible to sell this advertising space to advertisers (DOOH).


An advertising network integrated to Media4Display

Advertising agencies: Use Media4Display to broadcast your advertisers' campaigns.

Gain visibility for your customers with targeted audiences: Integrate your advertisers' content and deliver it in a targeted manner, based on a number of impressions over a defined period.

Thanks to the Media4Display API, increase the number of broadcast scenarios: automatically launch content based on external factors such as weather, traffic, inventory, etc. Coupled with a facial recognition solution, campaigns delivered through Media4Display can be launched based on real-time information.


Retailers: Monetize your screen network with Media4Display

Make your network of screens profitable by offering advertisers a new means of targeted digital communication. Make available to these advertisers locations in your digital signage loop and generate advertising revenues.