Room booking

Room booking touch screen digital signage

Meeting4Display - Room booking software

Room booking software edited by Telelogos, Meeting4Display allows you to book a room directly from the touch screen at the entrance of the meeting room or from your messaging system.
The software can be synchronized with your Exchange, Office 365 or Google Calendar (G Suite) mailbox.


Display the statuts of your rooms on your digital signage devices

Combined with Media4Display digital signage softwareMeeting4Display can display in real-time, the current status of your rooms,
a list of upcoming planned meetings,  as well as a floor plan showing the location of your rooms in the building and their current availability status. 

Room status digital signageMeeting list digital signage Building map room status digital signage


Digital Signage

Display corporate information with your tablet by configuring a standby/digital signage loop.

An interaction with the tablet automatically interrupts the loop and displays the Meeting4Display application. 


Digital Signage loop meeting room screen