affichage dynamique orientation visiteurs

Directional signage

Guide your visitors in your buildings. Whether your screens are located in the lobby of your building, at the exit of elevators or stairs, facilitate the movement of your visitors thanks to digital signage.

Display the statuts of your rooms on your digital signage devices

Display in real-time, the current status of your rooms,a list of upcoming planned meetings,  as well as a floor plan showing the location of your rooms in the building and their current availability status. 
Room status digital signageMeeting list digital signage Building map room status digital signage


Borne affichage dynamique wayfinding


Use your wayfinding kiosks as a digital signage display: boradcast information or promotional content and invite your visitors to use your orientation kiosks when they are not in use
Take advantage of advanced features by combining Media4Display digital signage software with wayfinding solutions.

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