Menu Boards


Affichage écrans menuDigital menu boards

Digitize your restaurants with Media4Display digital signage solution. The software allows you to design and update your menu boards in a few clicks or automatically and display them on your restaurants displays.


Broadcast your restaurant menus on your digital signage screens

  • Change your menus according to the time of day
  • ​Adapt the offers according to the time of day (breakfast, meal, etc.)
  • Suggest complementary products / guide customers' choice. Temporarily withdraw an offer in the event of out of stock.
  • Boost products in stock
  • Highlight your current products and promotions

Updates in real time

  • Thanks to Media4Display, modify your offers in real time and invite your customers to discover your menus on digital signage screens.
  • Thanks to the connection with your POS system (automatic price recovery)
  • By entering price updates directly into the software


Standardize your communication

Create your templates according to your graphic charter and distribute your menus to all of your restaurants
You have several restaurants and want to display different content depending on the restaurants?
With Media4Display create your content and distribute it according to the location of the screens.


Delegate content management

Media4Display offers you the possibility of delegating the broadcast management entirely or partially to local contributors (restaurant managers, etc.) corresponding to different hierarchical levels.. Several users can update the content, highlight a promotion, etc.

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