Dashboards & KPIs


données CRM et KPI affichage dynamique

Dashboards – Data Analytics & KPIs

Broadcast key activity data in real time using Media4Display digital signage software.


Connect Media4Display to your production software or ERP

Connect your production software or your ERP to Media4Display and broadcast your statistics in real time

Create & display your personalized dashboard

Format your data with the widgets tables, graphs, progress bars, gauge ... and display your statistics in real time on your dynamic display screens

Automatically broadcast / Create broadcasting rules

Display content according to your data: alert messages, KPIs, objectives achieved / not reached, percentage of progress ...
Change the formatting of data according to their status: a critical threshold requiring a visual alert, a goal achieved? Highlight these key data with Media4Display,

Real-time communication

Display waiting times, order preparation, prevention and security messages, internal and legal communication, disseminate information to your employees who do not have computers thanks to Media4Display.

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