Automatic content triggering - API


Automatic content triggering - API

Adapt the message to your customers in real time

déclenchement automatique contenus API affichage dynamiqueDefine the rules for triggering content and display your messages on your screens. Content takes overrides your digital signage loop and is broadcasted on all or part of the screens. Once the content is over, the digital signage loop resumes broadcasting.

Thanks to Media4Display's API boradcasting content can be conditioned by external events from your information system, third-party applications or sensors. This content can also be triggered manually.

Examples of applications:
Retail: Scan a product and launch additional information on a screen
Public places: display the estimated waiting time in real time

Broadcast content based on your audience

Coupled with a facial recognition solution, Media4Display can launch content based on the information analyzed in real time. Design engaging experiences for your clients, based on criteria such as distance from screens, gender, age, mood and attention span of the audience.

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