Les Mousquetaires group


Company: Les Mousquetaires group
Industry sector: Retail
Software: Digital Signage - Launch of a TV channel
Use: for Intermarché Stores



With more than 3,500 outlets in Europe, Les Mousquetaires Group is a major player in retail today. Established in France in 1969, the Group, based on private initiative, currently has more than 3,000 independent business owners and 130,000 employees. Les Mousquetaires Group is also present in Portugal, Belgium, Poland and the Balkans. Its brands include Intermarché, Netto, Bricomarché Brico Cash, Roady and Poivre Rouge. Les Mousquetaires put the consumers at the heart of their concerns by assuring the best quality / price ratio.


Several members of the Group had seen gains generated by a digital communication in their POS (Point of Sale), installing their own digital signage solutions. However, these independent and local initiatives had their disadvantages, such as the risk of non-compliance with the Group’s graphics chart, and being time consuming for the store manager. To rectify this, the Communication Department of the Group decided to launch a national digital signage project to unify its members around a unique digital signage solution.


At the end of 2012 the Group started deploying a «TV channel» for the digital communication in Intermarché stores. The screens are installed in customer service areas, check-out lines, and traditional food aisles. Above all, the Group wanted to remain independent in choosing the hardware and software components for this solution.
Media4Display software allows the Communication Department to centrally control national communication campaigns through a single platform, while ensuring a Web access for each store in order to control broadcasting of specific and local content (special offers, weather, regional events ...). In addition, Media4Display software communicates with the Group’s strategic data to automatically adapt the TV channel contents to the stores with specific services available (car rental, drive, ticket sales ...), local offers and the size of the store (mini market, supermarket ...).


  • A national TV channel to harmonize the digital communication of the Group

  • A single platform for centralized/decentralized content management

  • A digital signage offer available to all Intermarché stores in France

  • The broadcast of specific promotions depending on the product catalog of each store


« Media4Display convinced us with its performance and its ability to integrate with data sources that are specific to each one of our stores. The software was able to integrate our lists and assign product promotions according to the different store formats. Being able to hand over the management and control of digital content to our members was decisive in the selection of the software ».

Morgan ALLENNOU Communications Department, Les Mousquetaires Group.