Industry sector: Automobile manufacturer
Software: Media4Display
Use: Digital signage and synchronization for the Infiniti “Car Configurator”



Infiniti is the luxury brand marketed by Japanese automaker Nissan. It relies on a global network of “Infiniti Centers" (dealerships) that provide superior, individualized service to customers. Each Infiniti Center is equipped with the same state-of-the-art system and interactive technology to assist customers. Screens and tablets are installed in each Center for:

  • Broadcastinglooped information (promotions, etc.) on the screens featuring the vehicle lineups and templates under the Infiniti Premium brand (“digital signage”)

  • Customising and presenting a vehicle via a tablet or a touch screen (the «Car Configurator») then project it on a big screen


The company VIDELIO - IEC has been in charge of managing the digital signage system for the passive terminals and the Car Configurator within European Infiniti Centers. Initially, VIDELIO - IEC used an American software application that allowed it to manage the digital signage loops broadcast on the terminals as well as the interactive design process used in the Car Configurator.

After experiencing issues with software updates and slowness running the software, VIDELIO - IEC went looking for a new solution.


VIDELIO - IEC chose Media4Display digital signage software and, at the same time, hired the digital communications firm Dagobert to handle the 3D development work for the new Car Configurator. Media4Display is embedded with MediaContact software to automate and streamline the data synchronization process thanks to advanced functionality such as:
  • Differential synchronization (making it possible to transfer only the changes to files)

  • Online compression (reducing the volume to be transferred)

  • Dynamic bandwidth management (managing overloads, with automatic adjustment of data flows)

Using Media4Display and the services of MediaContact, VIDELIO - IEC found a solution that also met the file transfer needs of the Car Configurator. In addition, VIDELIO - IEC is able to easily view the fleet of terminals using the standard administration tools integrated within MediaContact.


  • Powerful, ergonomic digital signage solution

  • Streamlined updating of the Car Configurator thanks to data synchronization

  • Programming and targeting of the screens for each country

  • Easy to use

  • Offline remote monitoring and administration of the fleet of terminals

  • Better value for the investment made with a 2-in-1 solution



“We chose Telelogos as a partner because, in addition to a user-friendly software solution for digital signage - Media4Display - they also guaranteed any updates to the Car Configurator. Data synchronization is now constantly assured, tracked and monitored throughout our network. This allows us to continue to launch new Infiniti Centers with peace of mind”.

Stéphane LE ROUX Director of Digital Media Solutions, VIDELIO - IEC