Company: ESSCA
Industry sector: Graduate School of Management
Software: Media4Display
Use: Digital Signage



With 100 years of experience, ESSCA group is recognized as one of the elite graduate business schools. More than 10,000 students have graduated from the program. Each year, the ESSCA provides coursework and continuing education for 2,400 students and business professionals. It has four campuses located in:Angers, Paris, Budapest, and Shanghai.


The ESSCA uses a very simple system allowing assistants to enter text and publish it as HTML to screens located on the Angers campus.Using this system only one text can be displayed on all of the screens thus making it impossible to send specific messages to individual screens. To remedy this situation, M. Yannick Roissé, Audiovisual Manager of the ESSCA, decided to find a more sophisticated digital signage solution. He used the following criteria for his search:
  • it must be sold separately from the player (often imposed by vendor) and make use of existing PC’s

  • it must integrate with the existing data-input methods so as not to disrupt the assistants’ workflow

  • it must be able to handle multimedia content (video, images, html, RSS feeds…)

  • it must be able to broadcast customized messages to targeted groups of screens


After researching the various digital signage options, the ESSCA group selected Media4Display, which satisfied all of its search criteria. Media4Display gathers all of the textual (HTML) content entered by various assistants and integrates the content in real time into a multimedia sequence controlled by the Audiovisual Manager.
The ESSCA uses Media4Display to control all of its SIPs (Student Information Points), including around 15 screens in the most heavily trafficked areas on campus: in entrance halls, in front of elevators, in the cafeteria,etc.


  • money saved through the use of existing hardware

  • no disturbance in assistants’ work patterns (staff of 10 people)

  • ability to broadcast content enriched by video, photos, web pages, etc.

  • communication that reflects the group image: modern and dynamic


«We chose Media4Display because  it perfectly satisfied our needs. In particular,we were able to use our existing PC’s as players and we did not have to change the way we work. Furthermore, we were able to enrich our messages with multimedia content and target various programs on campus. »

Yannick Roissé ESSCA group Audiovisual Manager